Timo Myllykangas: Plays Music For Jet Lag

Timo Myllykangas’ emotionally powerful and intensely personal release takes the listener to meditative mindscapes. With the capturing sound of  his contrabass Timo offers eight “possible gates” beyond time. This is one of the very few solo bass -albums, if not the only one, in the Finnish folk music scene. Timo has earned his place as one of the leading contrabass
players in Finland and he has played in various Finnish modern folkmusic bands like JPP, Troka, Pekka Kuusisto & The Luomu Players. Record
also features Ville Kangas, Vesa Laasanen and Tuija Myllykangas. Timo Myllykangas’ existential novel Jet Lag completes the work.












“Jet Lag seems to be a real bassist’s dream – you don’t have to use your intelligence at all. Come here, you friends, neighbours and horses! Travel, wear yourselves out, find Jet Lag in yourselves!”